Agoy Yoga

Hatha/Vinyasa - All Levels (STUDIO)
with Devika Nguyen (sub for Kylie Rodda)

June 28 (Tuesday)
at 9:00 am

Class length
75 minutes

Woolner Studio

Hatha Yoga is the general term for the practice of yoga postures and breathing.  In a Hatha style class, you can expect an all-rounded yoga class, with a combination of flowing movement, as well as holding some postures for longer durations.  The Hatha style combines in most classes both yoga postures and breathing techniques to bring balance to the whole body.

Vinyasa refers to the style of yoga that incorporates movement in between poses. Vinyasa-style yoga is a flowing, dynamic sequence of poses.  The breath is linked together with a creative progression of postures that heats, lengthens, strengthens, tones, and purifies the muscles and organs. When we flow with our breath, moving from one posture to another, we find a meditation in motion. The connecting movements become as important as the postures themselves. 

ALL LEVELS - Includes a broader range of postures. Variations are offered to cater to all levels & abilities. If the time of an All Levels class suits you better, but you are a beginner, no problem, come along and the teacher will give you alternatives.


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