Agoy Yoga

Vinyasa - All Levels (STUDIO)
with David Walker

June 9 (Thursday)
at 6:15 am

Class length
60 minutes

Woolner Studio

Vinyasa refers to the style of yoga that incorporates movement in between poses. Vinyasa-style yoga is a flowing, dynamic sequence of poses.
The breath is linked together with a creative progression of postures that heats, lengthens, strengthens, tones, and purifies the muscles and organs. When we flow with our breath, moving from one posture to another, we find a meditation in motion. The connecting movements become as important as the postures themselves.

ALL LEVELS - Includes a broader range of postures. Variations are offered to cater to all levels & abilities. If the time of an All Levels class suits you better, but you are a beginner, no problem, come along and the teacher will give you alternatives.



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